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Abandoned Call

If the AI Dialer connects with a Lead successfully, but there is no Agent available to transfer the call to, the call is abandoned. 

Account Follow-up

The Account Follow-up configuration option on Call Results allows you to determine if an Agent can take ownership of a Lead Profile by moving it into their My Files Folder.

Action Folder Queue

Action Folders are a type of Queue. They enable you customize your Readymode system around your business processes for handling Leads, such as making Appointments.


Admins are Users who use Readymode primarily to manage Agents and the Leads their Agents are calling. Some Admins may also be responsible for system administration, such as setting up Readymode for the first time or making changes to the configuration.

Admin Files Folder

If you have Admin Permissions, the Admin Files Folder will appear under your Shared Files Folder. The Admin Files Folder contains resources such as User Folders and Floor Maps, to enable you to manage your Readymode resources effectively.


The Age value represents the number of days since a Lead File was imported.


Agents are Users who use Readymode primarily to make and receive phone calls to communicate with Leads.

Agent Dialer Settings

The options available under Agent Dialer Settings enable each Agent to control how their Callbacks are dialed, and whether or not they receive calls from specific Queues.

Agent Settings

The Agent Settings panel contains several configuration options that enable Agents to adjust their headset audio device settings, Caller ID settings for manually dialed calls, and perform a network test on their phone.

AI Dialer

The AI Dialer is Readymode's smart dialer application. The AI Dialer dials Leads and connects an available Agent to the call once the Lead picks up.

Announce Result

The Announce Result configuration option on Call Results enables a popup to display for all Users whenever the Call Result is selected.


An API (Application Programming Interface) is a computing interface to a software component or a system, that defines how other components or systems can use it. APIs are commonly used to transfer between systems. For assistance with configuring Readymode's API, contact our Integrations team.

App Garage

The App Garage is an application that enables you to manage Apps and Integrations for your Readymode account.

Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar displays all of an Agent's upcoming Callback appointments, and can be used by Agents to book an appointment when dispositioning a call.


Assigning, "locking" or applying Display Restrictions to resources such as DIDs/Phone Groups, Scripts, Call Results and TPV Hotkeys to a Campaign means they can only be used by that Campaign. Assigning resources such as Call Results to a User Folder means that only Users within that Folder will be able to use that resource.


The Attachments feature in Email Templates enables you to upload a file to include with the message.

Auto-Answer Beep

The Auto-Answer Beep Settings in Agent Settings enable Agents to determine if a beep sound is played when they answer a call.

Auto Answer Inbound

The Auto Answer Inbound configuration option on Availability Modes enables you to determine how incoming inbound calls will be answered.

Automated Tasks

Using the Automated Tasks feature, you can have Readymode automatically repeat some tasks that you've performed previously, such as pausing and unpausing Queue Members, or generating and emailing a Report. 

Auto-Rotate Numbers

Using the Auto-Rotate Numbers feature, you can enable Readymode to rotate the Numbers used for your outbound Caller ID. 

Availability Mode

The Availability Modes feature allows Agents to control what kind of calls they receive from the AI Dialer (e.g. outbound calls, inbound calls, no calls).


Background Dialing Speed

The Background Dialing Speed Settings enable you to configure Dialing Plans to determine how the AI Dialer dials your Leads.

Bulk Replace

Using the Bulk Replace feature, you can quickly order new Phone Numbers to replace existing ones. 



The Calendar configuration option in Action Folder or Dialer Queues allows you to schedule calls directly to the Queue by using an Appointment Calendar.


A Callback is an appointment an Agent makes to speak with a Lead at a specific date and time.

Callback Notification

Callback Notifications are messages that appear above the Dashboard to let Agents know that a Callback is scheduled soon.

Caller ID Settings (AI Dialer calls)

Using Readymode's Caller ID Settings, you can specify the rules that should be used for Caller ID when making outbound calls.

Caller ID Settings (Manual calls)

The Caller ID Settings available in Agent Settings enable Agents to decide what number is shown to callers when dialing manually.

Call Monitoring

The Call Monitoring configuration options in VOIP Settings enable you to determine whether Call Monitoring will be displayed to Agents.

Call Notes

The Call Notes area appears on the Contact History Tab. Agents can use this to take notes when handling calls. It also contains a Call Log which displays the recorded interactions with the Lead.

Call Recording

The Call Recording configuration option in VOIP Settings enables you to determine whether calls will be recorded.

Call Result

Call Results enable you to disposition a call to place it into Queues, schedule Callbacks, or other actions.

Call Termination

The Call Termination configuration option in Call Results allows you to decide how the call will be ended when the Result is selected.


The Campaigns feature enables you to call and manage the same Leads differently, for example if your business offers multiple products or services.


The Category function on Call Results enables you to nest multiple Call Result buttons under a single Category button.

Change Campaign

If you are using Campaigns to offer multiple products or services to the same set of Leads, the Change Campaign feature on Call Results can be used to create a Lead Profile in another Campaign when the Lead is dispositioned using this Call Result.


Readymode's Channel feature enables you to manage the transfer of Leads into and out of Readymode, in conjunction with API functionality. It also provides additional information for tracking billing and data related to transferring Leads. For assistance with configuring Channels, contact Technical Support.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is an application that enables you to manage your Readymode account.

Cloning Numbers

Cloning a number enables Readymode to display a Phone Number you own that is managed by another provider as your Readymode Caller ID.

Contact History Tab

The Contact History Tab is part of Profile Tabs. It displays the Call Notes area that Agents can use to take notes when handling calls, and a Call Log which displays the recorded interactions with the Lead.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a searchable database you can use to store and manage information about your Leads. Readymode has a built-in CRM.

CRM Field

CRM Fields in Readymode enable you to store information about your Leads. CRM Fields include both Standard and Custom Fields.

CSV File

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is the preferred file format for files used to import data into Readymode, such as Leads or a DNC List. Spreadsheets can be saved as a CSV using Excel, Google Sheets or another spreadsheet program.

Custom Field

Custom Fields are CRM Fields that you can create to store additional data about your Leads.



The Dashboard is part of Readymode's Navigation. You can use links on the Dashboard to access different areas of the system.

Default Number

The Default Number will be used to make all outbound calls and will be displayed as the default Caller ID, unless Proximity Matching or Auto-Rotate Numbers are enabled, or if outbound calls are being made from a Phone Group that is locked to a Campaign.

Default Ringtone

Using the Default Ringtone configuration option in VOIP Settings, you can upload and set a custom audio recording to play as your Ringtone.

Default Rule

The Default Rule feature on Call Results allows you to determine what options are presented by default when a Call Result is selected.

Dialer Queue

Dialer Queues handle outbound calling. The General Leads Queue is the default Dialer Queue.

Dial Pad

The Dial Pad enables you to manage your calls by providing functionality you would typically find in a phone handset, such as transferring calls.


DID (Direct Inward Dial) is a telecommunication service offered by telephone companies to subscribers who operate a private branch exchange (PBX) system. In Readymode, DIDs are available as Phone Numbers that you can purchase and manage in your account.

Display Timer

The Display Timer configuration option on Availability Modes enables you to display a timer on the Agent's screen which shows the total amount of time the Agent has been in this Mode, for the current day.


A call disposition is a label that describes the outcome of a call so that useful business analytics can be obtained. In Readymode, calls are dispositioned using Call Results.

DNC Announcement

The DNC Announcement configuration option in VOIP Settings enables you to alert an Agent if they manually dial a number on the DNC List.

DNC List

The Do Not Call (DNC) List in Readymode enables you to store a list of numbers which should not be called. Numbers on this list will not be called by the AI Dialer, but can still be dialed manually.

DNC Registry

A national Do Not Call Registry is a list of personal phone numbers that are off-limits to telemarketers in certain countries. In the US, the National Do Not Call Registry is managed by the FTC.

DNC Rules

Readymode's DNC Rules features enable you to control when your Agents can call Leads based on their region, or by how long it has been since the Leads were imported.


DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling) can be configured for TPV Hotkeys, to determine if the Lead can hear or enter touch tones.


Email the Contact

The Email the Contact configuration option on Call Results enables the Agent to send a pre-formatted email to the email address on the Lead Profile.

Extension (TPV)

When configuring new TPV Hotkeys, Readymode will automatically assign an internal Extension in the Extension field.

Extension (User)

A User's Extension can be used to dial them directly.

External Number

When configuring new TPV Hotkeys, entering an external phone number will dial the number when the Hotkey is used.



FAS (False Answer Supervision) refers to a form of VOIP fraud where the caller is incorrectly billed by an unscrupulous carrier. For example, the billed duration of the call may be longer than the actual duration, or the call may be connected to a false destination (such as a recorded message) instead of the correct destination.


Using Filters, you can decide which Leads will be included in your Playlist.


Readymode's Folders contain important system resources you'll access frequently when using Readymode, such as Users and Queues.

Folder Permissions

Folder Permissions are part of Folder Share Settings, and allow you to assign specific types of Permissions to Organizational Units, or individual Users.

Follow-up Settings

The Follow-up Settings on Call Results enable Agents to adjust the pre-selected default options for dispositioning a call.

Formatting Options

Using the Formatting Options available on Scripts and Templates, you can change the appearance of text and add formatting, links and images.


The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is an independent agency of the United States government whose principal mission is the enforcement of civil (non-criminal) U.S. antitrust law and the promotion of consumer protection. The FTC manages the US National Do Not Call Registry and accepts consumer complaints about unscrupulous telemarketing activities, such as scams.


General Leads Queue

The General Leads Queue is your default Dialer Queue.

Google Synchronization

Using Google Synchronization, you can synchronize appointments scheduled to a Queue's Calendar with Google Calendar.



Lead Health values are based on the age of the Lead File, how many Rounds of dialing it has been through, and how often it is being dialed.

Hide Call Result

The Hide Call Result configuration option enables you to hide a Call Result button from appearing in the Call Results panel.

Hold Music

Using the Hold Music configuration option in VOIP Settings, you can upload a custom audio recording to play for calls on hold.


Hotkeys enable Agents to select a Call Result using a key sequence on their Keyboard.



Readymode's Import Tool makes it easy to quickly load Leads into your CRM.

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are ones that come from an external caller into Readymode. To receive inbound calls on a Phone Number, the number must be configured with a Number Forwarding destination.

Inbound Flow

Using Number Forwarding, you can configure Phone Numbers to ensure that inbound calls are sent to a destination you specify, such as IVRs, Queues and Users.

Inbound Queue

Inbound Queues handle inbound calling.


An Integration is a connection with a third party system, such as a CRM. Integrations enable you to send data from Readymode to other systems.

Intercept Mode

Intercept Mode allows an Inbound Queue to send a call entering the Queue to the last User the caller spoke to, or the location of the caller's profile.


Using Readymode's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature, you can create interactive menus that enable your inbound callers to connect with members of your team.


No entries currently.


No entries currently.



Latency refers to a short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters a system and when it emerges.


Leads are records containing information for people you wish to contact. They are added to Readymode via Lead Files, can be imported into Readymode or added via API. Once Leads are dispositioned, Lead Profiles are created.

Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution Settings enable you to determine how the AI Dialer dials your Leads. These include Background Dialing Speed and DNC Rules

Lead File

A Lead File is a .CSV file containing Leads. Lead Files can be imported into Readymode or added via API. Lead Files in Readymode can be managed in Campaigns.

Lead Profile

Lead Profiles store information about your Leads in your CRM. They are created when Leads are dispositioned. You can also manually create Lead Profiles in Readymode.

Live Transfers

The Live Transfers configuration option on Action Folder or Dialer Queues enables Users to transfer live calls to Queue Members.


Machine Detection

The Machine Detection feature helps prevent machines (voicemail, answering machines and fax machines) from reaching Agents. When enabled on the General Leads Queue, it will check for machine answering when making calls.

Manually Assign Leads

Manually Assign Leads allows Queue managers to assign items to a specific Queue Member.

Maximum Simultaneous Calls

Maximum Simultaneous Calls allows you to limit the number of calls Users can book in the same time slot in a Queue Calendar.


Readymode offers several options to enable you to merge multiple calls together for conference calls or Third Party Verification.

Microphone Settings

The Microphone Settings in Agent Settings enable Agents to select a microphone device to use for calls.

My Files Folder

The My Files Folder is where Agents will see Lead Profiles that have been assigned to them, along with other resources.



Readymode's Navigation enables you to move between different areas in the system to locate resources. 


Network refers to the LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) configured by your business to enable multiple employees to access the internet and other resources. Our Technical Support team may ask you about the number of users and usage demands on your network when troubleshooting technical issues. 


Nodes are menus which direct the caller to the Options available within an IVR. 

Number Forwarding

Using Number Forwarding, you can configure Phone Numbers to ensure that inbound calls are sent to a destination you specify, such as IVRs, Queues and Users. This is also referred to as "Inbound Flow".



Options are choices offered within an IVR that help direct a caller to their desired destination.

Organizational Unit

Organizational Unit is part of Folder Share Settings. When a User Role is applied to a Folder via the Organizational Unit setting, the Users and resources in the Folder can inherit their User Permissions from the Folder.

Origin Details

Using the options available under Origin Details, you can determine whether information about the Campaign and File of the Lead appears on Lead Profiles.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are calls to an external number that originate in Readymode. To make outbound calls on a specific Phone Number, select it as the Default Number. Additional options for outbound calling can be configured using Caller ID Settings.

Outbound Email

Using the Outbound Email feature, you can enable Readymode to send template-based emails from your own email addresses. Your Default Outbound Email is the email address used for outbound messages sent from Readymode. Campaign Outbound Email and User Outbound Email can be used to send email from different addresses for specific Campaigns or Users.


Packet Loss

Packet Loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Dropped voice packets are discarded, not re-transmitted. Voice traffic can tolerate less than a 3 percent loss of packets (1% is optimum) before callers experience disconcerting gaps in conversation.

Payable State

The Payable State configuration option in Availability Modes enables you to determine whether or not the time spent in this Mode should be counted as payable time in Agent Reports.

Per Agent Ring Duration

The Per Agent Ring Duration configuration option in Queues allows you to set how long a call will ring per Queue Member.

Phone Group

The Phone Group feature enables you to easily organize your Phone Numbers by grouping them together. 

Phone Number

Readymode enables you to order Phone Numbers (DIDs) and manage how they are used for inbound and outbound calling.


Playlists enable you to segment and prioritize the leads in your General Leads Queue according to criteria you select, such as Campaign, location or number or times called.

Playlist Groups

Playlist Groups enable you to assign Leads to each Group using Filters, then set a Weight for each Group. Leads with a higher Weight will be called more frequently.

Playlist Priority

When you have multiple Playlists inside a Queue, you can set a different Priority for each Playlist to determine which one will be dialed first.


In computer networking, a Port is a communication endpoint. Readymode uses your SMTP Port Number as part of Outbound Email configuration.

Porting Numbers

Porting brings an existing Phone Number that you own with another provider over to Readymode.

Profile Tabs

Profile Tabs are displayed when you open a Lead Profile. These Tabs display helpful information that your Agents can refer to when handling calls.

Proximity Matching

Using the Proximity Matching feature, you can set your outbound Caller ID to a Number in your list that is the closest match to the area code, city or state that you are dialing.



Queues help you manage your outbound and inbound calls. They offer a large range of options that allow you to fine-tune how various types of calls are handled, and decide which Users should handle them.

Queue Availability

The Queue Availability configuration option on Availability Modes enables you to determine what kind of calls Agents will receive when the Mode is selected.

Queue Color

The Queue Color configuration option allows you to set the color of a Action Folder or Dialer Queue for quick reference in the Appointments Calendar.

Queue Member

Queue Members are Users who have been assigned to a Queue or Playlist in order to handle calls from that Queue/Playlist.

Queue Priority (Availability Modes)

Using the Queue Priority configuration option in Availability Modes, you can change the Queue Member Skill Level for the Agent when the Mode is selected.

Queue Priority (Queues)

The Queue Priority configuration option in Queues allows you to determine which Queue your Agents will receive calls from first.

Queue Speed

Queue Speed allows you to choose a dialer speed and dialing method for Dialer Queues.

Queue Strategy

Queue Strategy allows you to determine under what circumstances your Queue Members will receive a call.

Queue Type

Queue Type allows you to set the type (Dialer, Inbound or Action Folder) for a Queue, which determines how it functions.



Readymode is a predictive dialer software with a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

Recycling Lead Profiles

Recycling a Lead Profile will send the Lead back to its previous Queue.

Require Comments

The Require Comments configuration option on Call Results can be used to ensure that a Call Log will not be recorded unless Call Notes have been added.

Require Field

Require Field is a configuration option on CRM Fields. If checked, the Field must be filled out when editing a Lead Profile.

Required Pattern

Required Pattern is a configuration option on CRM Fields. If selected, the data in the Field must match the format selected.

Ring Device

The Ring Device Settings in Agent Settings enables Agents to choose and adjust volume on a ring device to use for calls.


The Round is the number of times the Leads in a Lead File have been called.


Save Retroactively

Using the Save Retroactively feature on Availability Modes, you can determine whether changes to the Mode are applied to data recorded in the past, and from what date.

Scheduled Time Zone

Scheduled Time Zone allows you to select the time zone you would like to use for scheduling purposes in a Queue.

Schedule Weekends

Schedule Weekends allows calls to be booked onto a 7 day Calendar (Sunday-Saturday) instead of a 5 day (Monday-Friday) Calendar on a Queue.


Scripts enable you to provide your Agents with written guidance for handling calls. They are displayed in the Profile Tabs area when viewing a Lead Profile.


Search is part of Readymode's Navigation. You can use Search to find specific resources using keywords.

Selectable Status

The Selectable Status configuration option in Availability Modes enables you to determine whether the mode appears for selection in the Availability Mode drop-down menu.

Separate Campaigns

Separate Campaigns restricts scheduling in the Queue Calendar to only show entries within the same Campaign, and the Maximum Simultaneous Calls will be Campaign-specific.

Shared Files

The Shared Files Folder displays resources that have been shared with you. If you have Admin permissions, this will contain the Admin Files Folder.

Share Settings

Share Settings are part of Readymode's Permission features. They enable you to control access to Folders, so you can decide who can view a Folder and the resources and Users within it.


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling protocol used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating real-time sessions that include voice, video and messaging applications. When configuring Readymode's TPV Hotkeys to connect to a Custom TPV Provider, SIP information from the provider is required. SIP is also part of the Permissions required to make and take calls.

Skip Tracer

Skip Tracer is an App that enables you to call more than one Phone Number for the same Lead, when using the AI Dialer. This App can be installed in your Readymode system by the Sales team, if requested at the time of purchase.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. Readymode uses SMTP for sending Outbound Email.

Speaker Settings

The Speaker Settings in Agent Settings enable you to choose and adjust volume on a speaker device to use for calls.

Standard Fields

Standard Fields are the CRM Fields that are included with your Readymode account by default.

Suppression List

A Suppression List is a list of all of your Leads currently stored in your Readymode account. A Suppression List can be exported from your account by the Technical Support team upon request. 

System Requirements

System Requirements are the technical specifications that Readymode requires to operate correctly.



Tags can be applied to a Call Result to enable filtering of Search results, to trigger actions for apps or integrations, or to modify your Reports.


Templates enable you to create pre-formatted emails that your Agents can send to Leads.

Time Restrictions (AI Dialer)

Time Restrictions prevents the AI Dialer from calling outside of a specific time frame in a Queue.

Time Restrictions (Availability Modes)

Using the Time Restrictions configuration option in Availability Modes, you can restrict the amount of time an Agent spends in the Mode.

Time to Schedule

Time to Schedule allows you to book additional time in the Queue Calendar for appointments, to include travel or preparation time.


The Third Party Verification App, when installed, enables you to create TPV Hotkeys on the Dial Pad, which will merge in a Third Party Verification provider into calls when used.


Using the Dial Pad, you can easily transfer calls to someone else in your organization, or to an external number.

Transmit Caller ID

When configuring TPV Hotkeys, use the Transmit Caller ID option to specify what Caller ID information will be sent to the TPV Provider.



Users are the people in your organization who have access to your Readymode system via a User Account. 

User Groups

User Groups contain a pre-selected set of Permissions, similar to User Roles. They can be applied and removed directly on the User level, and multiple Groups may be assigned to the same User.

User Management

The User Management feature gives you access to tools to create, remove, view and sort your Users.

User Permissions

User Permissions determine User access to specific system features and functionality. They can either be applied directly to the User, or added via User Roles and User Groups.

User Phone Status

The Phone Status icons enable you to see whether other Users are currently on a call, on a break, or otherwise engaged.

User Roles

User Roles contain a pre-selected set of Permissions that can be applied to Users to determine their access to specific system features and functionality.

User Settings

The User Settings feature enables you to manage settings for the User Profile, such as User Name, Login ID, Password and more.



The Variables feature enables you to connect Scripts and Templates to your CRM Fields to personalize them with your CRM contact data, such as names. Campaign Variables can be used for Campaign-specific data.

Voicemail (Queue)

The Voicemail configuration option on Inbound Queues allows you to offer the option to leave a voicemail for incoming callers.

Voicemail (User)

Readymode's Voicemail feature enables Agents to receive and manage Voicemail messages, including personal messages and messages left for a Queue.


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Readymode uses VOIP to make calls.



Assigning Weight values to Playlist Groups enables you to determine how Groups of Leads will be called. Leads with a higher Weight will be called more frequently.


The Workspace is part of Readymode's Navigation. Items opened from the Dashboard or Search will display in the Workspace.



Xencall is the former name for Readymode. Our name was changed to Readymode in 2021.


xIM is the Readymode Instant Messenger. It enables you to communicate with other Users right inside of Readymode.


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