About Callbacks

Curious what happens to Leads after you book an appointment? Learn about Callbacks below.

About Callbacks

A Callback is an appointment to speak with a Lead at a specific date and time.

You can assign Callbacks to yourself when dispositioning a call. They can also be assigned to you by your Manager or other Users who have Permission to do so.

Viewing Callbacks

You can view Callbacks using the following methods:

Callback Notifications

Notifications for your scheduled Callbacks will appear above the Dashboard. The notification will display the name from the Lead Profile and the time when the Callback is due.

Hover your cursor over the Callback Notification to see the next 5 upcoming Callbacks, including any that are overdue.

Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar displays all of your upcoming Callbacks.

On the Dashboard, go to My Account and click My Appointments to view the Calendar.

Callbacks will appear as blocks on the Calendar.

You can use the navigation tools at the top of the Calendar to select week, day or month view.

View Callbacks via Folders

When you take ownership of a Lead Profile, it will appear in your My Files Folder, or in another Folder within My Files.

Quick Tip: If you'd like to organize your Callbacks, you can create additional Folders and then disposition Leads directly to those Folders.

Note: The "Folder tools" Permission is required to view and manage Callbacks in Folders.

Below is an example of how Callbacks will appear in your My Files Folder.

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