Using xIM to Communicate with Users

Want to quickly touch base with your team? Learn more about using xIM below.

Using xIM to Communicate with Users

xIM is the ReadyMode Instant Messenger. It enables you to communicate with other Users right inside of ReadyMode.

Navigating to xIM

Click on the Chat icon in the bottom left corner of your ReadyMode system to open xIM.

Note: xIM "Start IM" Permissions are required to access xIM. Receiving messages does not require Permissions.

In xIM you'll see the following features:

  • User List (1) - Displays Users who are logged in and available to receive a Direct Message or Broadcast.
  • User Search (2) - Search for a specific User in the User List.
  • Group Toggle (3) - Toggle the User List to group Users by Folder or Role.
  • Broadcast (4) - Send a message to all logged in Users.
  • Settings (5) - Configure messaging permissions.

Direct Messaging

Direct Messages are visible only to the User they are sent to, making them an easy way to communicate quickly with a specific person.

Select a User from the User List (1). The Direct Message window (2) will open on the right. You can use this to:

When you're done using the the Direct Message Window, use the Minimize icon

Once minimized, you can close it using the X icon.

Send and Receive Direct Messages

To send a message, open the Direct Message Window, type your message in the Message field and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Note: xIM "Text messages" Permissions are required to send Direct Messages. Receiving messages does not require Permissions.

Replies from the User will be shown in the same window, and a message tone will play when a message is received. 

If someone sends you a Direct Message when the window is closed or minimized, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the notification to view and reply to the message.

Call a User

Use the Phone icon to call the User directly.

Sending a Broadcast

Broadcasts will be sent to all logged in Users in the User List. This is a handy way to make a quick announcement to everyone on your team at once.

To send a Broadcast, click on the Broadcast icon.

Note: xIM "Broadcast IM" Permissions are required to send Broadcasts. Receiving Broadcasts does not require Permissions.

Type your message in the Message field (1) and click the OK button (2) to send.

Below is an example of how the Broadcast message will appear to Users.

Configuring Settings

xIM Settings enable you to determine whether Users can see other Users in the User List and send Direct Messages to them, based on their respective User Roles.

Navigate Users via the User Role List (1) and set messaging permissions using the Allow Messaging toggles (2).

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