Configuring Playlists

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Configuring Playlists

Playlists offer several configuration options to help you manage your Leads. Some of these options are located on the General Leads Queue containing the Playlist, and some within the Lead Playlist Editor.

Note: Currently, Playlist functionality is only available on the General Leads Queue. We hope to be able to offer this functionality on other Dialer Queues in the future. If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support.

Accessing the Lead Playlist Editor

Open the General Leads Queue and locate the Playlist you wish to edit. Hover over the Playlist Name, then choose Edit this Playlist from the menu to open the Lead Playlist Editor.

In the Lead Playlist Editor, you will see the following configuration options:

You'll also see a selection of Editor Controls:

  • New (4)
  • Trash Bin (5)
  • Save (6)
  • Close (7)

Editing Playlist Name

To change the name of your Playlist, open the Lead Playlist Editor, type a new name in the Playlist Name field (1) and click the Save button (2).

Editing Playlist Groups

The Groups within the Lead Playlist Editor enable you to assign Leads to each Group using Filters, then set a Weight for each Group. The Weight determines how often the Leads will be called. Leads with a higher Weight will be called more frequently. 

Each Playlist automatically contains Group 1 by default. If you don't need to set different Weights, you can add all of your Leads to Group 1.

Create a New Playlist Group

To create a new Playlist Group, open the Lead Playlist Editor and click on the New icon (1). You can now add Leads to your Group. Save (2) your Playlist once you've finished making changes.

Editing Playlist Filters

The Filters in the Lead Playlist Editor are automatically created for each Playlist based on the data within your Leads. Using Filters, you can decide which Leads will be included in your Playlist.

When you edit Filters in a Playlist, you'll see the Available Leads total update at the bottom of the screen to show you how many Leads each Playlist Group contains with the selected Filters.

Include Leads in a Playlist

There are 2 options for adding new Leads to a Playlist using the Lead Playlist editor.

Option 1: Drag and drop Filters into a Group individually. Save your Playlist once you've finished making changes.

Option 2: Click on multiple Filters to select them, then drag them into a Group together. Save your Playlist once you've finished making changes.

Exclude Leads from a Playlist

To exclude Leads from a Playlist, open the Lead Playlist Editor. Hold down the Alt key and click Filters, then drag them into the Group (individually or together). Save your Playlist once you've finished making changes.

In the example below, we've included Leads from all time zones and excluded any which are located in California.

Remove Leads from a Playlist

To remove Leads from a Playlist, open the Lead Playlist Editor, then drag and drop the Filter to the Trash Bin icon to remove it. Save your Playlist once you've finished making changes.

Setting Playlist Priority

When you have multiple Playlists inside a Queue, you can set a different Priority for each Playlist. Playlists with a higher Priority will be dialed before those with a lower Priority.

To set Priority for a Playlist, open the Queue containing the Playlist you want to edit and go to the Members Tab. Click on the Priority on each Playlist and set it to the desired value (from 1 to 9).

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