Agent Settings

Looking for a way to adjust your audio or Caller ID settings? Learn how here.

Agent Settings

The Agent Settings panel contains several configuration options that enable you to adjust your audio devices and Caller ID display for manually dialed calls:

Navigate to Agent Settings

Open the Dial Pad and click on the Settings button to open the Agent Settings panel.

Caller ID Settings

Caller ID Settings enable you to decide what number is shown to callers when dialing manually:

Note: This feature requires "Set Caller ID" Permissions.

Note: These settings do not affect calls made using the AI Dialer.

Caller ID Number

To change the number displayed, use the Number drop-down menu (1) to select an available number from the list and click the Update button (2) to save your changes.

Hide Caller ID

If you would like the number to be hidden, select "Yes" from the Blocked drop-down menu (1) and click the Update button (2) to save your changes.

Phone Settings

If you experience network connection issues, you can use the Network Test available in Phone Settings to check if there is a better connection available. If a better connection is found, it will be saved and used in the future automatically as your default connection.

If you continue to experience connection issues after the test, review the System Requirements to ensure your system is able to support ReadyMode.

Headset Settings

You can use the options here to select the audio devices and volume settings to use for ReadyMode:

Microphone Settings

To change your microphone, select a device from the Microphone drop-down list

Quick Tip: Looking for microphone volume? This is determined by your computer settings.

Speaker Settings

To change your speaker, select a device from the Speaker drop-down list (1).

To change your speaker volume, adjust the Volume slider (2).

Ring Device Settings

To change the device you hear ringing on, select a device from the Ring Device drop-down list (1).

To change ring volume, adjust the Volume slider (2).

Auto-Answer Beep

By default, a beep will sound when you answer calls. If you would like to turn this off, uncheck the Beep When Auto-Answering checkbox.

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