Configuring Availability Modes

Availability Modes can be customized using the Configuration Options available. Learn more below!

Configuring Availability Modes

Using Configuration Options, you can adjust the functionality of your Availability Modes.

To view Configuration Options, first navigate to Availability Modes. Next, create or edit a Mode to view the following:

Mode Name

The Mode Name will appear as an option in the Availability Mode drop-down menu for Agents to select the Mode.

Quick Tip: We recommend choosing something short and easy for your Agents to understand.

Mode Settings

The following Settings are available:

Queue Availability

Using the Queue Availability drop-down menu, you can select what kind of calls the Agent will receive when the Mode is selected.

  • Inbound & Dialer - The Agent will receive both inbound calls, and outbound calls from the AI Dialer.
  • Inbound only - The Agent will receive only inbound calls.
  • Not available - The Agent will not receive any calls.

Queue Priority

Using the Queue Priority selector, you can change the Queue Member Skill Level for the Agent when the Mode is selected. 

Note: For Skill Level, the lowest value = the highest priority. A value of 0 will not change the current Skill Level. Adding a value of 1 will move a Primary Queue Member to Backup, adding 2 will move a Primary Queue Member to Tertiary, and so on.

Note: Changes made to Skill Level using this feature do not appear on the Queue.

Auto Answer Inbound

The Auto Answer Inbound toggle enables you to determine how incoming inbound calls will be answered.

Payable State

The Payable State toggle enables you to determine whether or not the time spent in this Mode should be counted as payable time in Agent Reports.

  • Yes - The time will be counted as payable.
  • No - The time will not be counted as payable.

Selectable Status

The Selectable Status toggle enables you to determine whether the mode appears for selection in the Availability Mode drop-down menu.

  • Yes - The mode will be Visible and displayed.
  • No - The mode will be Hidden and not displayed.

Note: Changes made to this setting will not be visible to Users under they log out and log back in.

Display Timer

The Display Timer toggle enables you to display a timer on the Agent's screen which shows the total amount of time the Agent has been in this Mode, for the current day.

  • Yes - A timer will be displayed.
  • No - A timer will not be displayed.

Time Restrictions

Using the Time Restrictions toggle (1), you can restrict the amount of time an Agent spends in the Mode.

Time Restrictions Settings

Use these Settings to determine the criteria for your Time Restrictions.

  1. Use the Time field (1) to enter the amount of time for the restriction.
  2. Decide whether time should be measured "In Total" or "Consecutively" in the Time Measurement drop-down menu (2)
  3. Use the Mode drop-down menu (3) to choose which Mode to switch the Agent to once the criteria has been met.

Save Retroactively

Using the Save Retroactively feature, you can determine whether changes to the Mode are applied to data recorded in the past, and from what date.

Check the Apply changes retroactively checkbox (1) to apply changes retroactively. To restrict the changes to a certain time frame, check the Since date checkbox (2) and enter a date in the field provided.

Note: We recommend that this feature be used with care, and only once per Availability Mode, to avoid potentially corrupting your data. If you need assistance, please contact Technical Support.

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