User Phone Status

Want to quickly see if your team member is on a call? Check out these handy Phone Status icons.

User Phone Status

The Phone Status icons enable you to see whether other Users are currently on a call, on a break, or otherwise engaged.

Viewing Phone Status

Phone Status icons appear to the left of User's names in the Directory.

You can also see these icons next to Queue Members on Queues and Playlists:

List of Phone Status Icons

Below is a list of the Phone Statuses and their icons, which you may see in the Directory, Queues or Playlists.

Note: Some Statuses have more than one one icon, which icon is displayed depends on what area of the system is being viewed.

Waiting for calls
Availability Mode set to "Ready".
On a call
These icons may appear during dialer calls, manual or internal calls.
Wrapping up a call
Availability Mode set to "Ready", Lead Profile open.
Waiting for inbound calls
Availability Mode set to "Inbound Only".
Not available
Available Mode set to "Prep work", "Break" or other non-dialing mode.
User is not logged in.
Dialer unavailable
User is missing "AI Dialer" Permissions.

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