Handling Callbacks

Learn how to handle Callback appointments by following the quick guide below.

Handling Callbacks

When you have an upcoming Callback appointment, ReadyMode will alert you with a Callback Notification so you can follow up with the Lead by calling them manually.

Quick Tip: If you would like the AI Dialer to call your Callback for you automatically (at or before the appointment time), you can enable this in your Callback Setting.

Manually Calling the Lead

When the time for your appointment approaches, click on the Callback Notification (1) to open the Lead Profile. Click on the Phone Number link (2) to manually dial the Lead.

After the Call

If you are able to connect with the Lead, handle the call as per your usual process.

If you are not able to connect with them, or if they want to reschedule the appointment, you can set a new Callback time.

Managing Callbacks

If you would like to move, recycle or delete the Lead Profile associated with a Callback, learn about managing Lead Profiles here.

Pausing Callbacks

If you are paused or removed from a Queue by a Manager, or if you remove yourself from a Queue, you will not receive Callbacks from that Queue during the time you are paused or removed.

When you are paused or removed from a Queue, Callbacks from a Queue will be assigned to other available Agents. You will receive your personal Callbacks when you are active on the Queue once again.

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