Readymode Academy

Want a quick and easy way to train your Agents? Check out ReadyMode Academy!

Readymode Academy

Readymode Academy is an free, online learning platform that enables our clients to access self-serve, guided training on how to use Readymode. By going through the instructional lessons and videos offered in each learning path, you can receive certification as either a ReadyMode Agent or Administrator in under an hour!

You can use the Academy as a resource to help provide fast, effective and up-to-date training for your team or yourself, whether they are new to Readymode or just need a refresher. Training can be repeated as often as needed!

Head over to Readymode Academy and review the instructions below to get started:

Training Overview

The two offerings in Readymode Academy are Agent Training and QuickStart Administrator Training (with updated Courses for 2022).

Agent Training

The Agent Training Learning Path contains seven Courses that are designed to help your Agents make calls and manage their work in Readymode effectively - whether they are working from your office, or remotely.

Course 1: Getting Started

Learn about Readymode, review the system requirements and see how to log in successfully. 

Course 2: Setup and Navigation

Set up your headset, adjust audio settings and learn how to navigate in Readymode.

Course 3: Making Calls

See an overview of taking calls with the dialer, learn about setting your availability for calls and how to review lead and profile information during a call. 

Course 4: Logging Calls

Learn how to use call results to disposition, transfer and assign calls and set callbacks using the appointment calendar.

Course 5: Managing Callbacks

See how to dial leads for appointments, manage callback appointments and lead profiles and adjust callback settings. 

Course 6: Using the Dial Pad

Learn how to use the dial pad for manual dialing, transferring and merging calls and managing voicemail.

Course 7: Help Resources

See how to get in touch with your Manager using Readymode, and how to contact Readymode for support with technical issues.

QuickStart Administrator Training

The QuickStart Administrator Learning Path contains nine Courses that are designed to help Administrators get oriented with setting up and configuring the basics in Readymode quickly.

Course 1: Getting Started

Learn about Readymode, review the system requirements and see how to log in successfully as an Administrator. 

Course 2: Setting Up Users

Learn about the two main types of Users in Readymode and how to add Users.

Course 3: Importing Leads

See how you can easily prepare and upload your lead lists into Readymode.

Course 4: Understanding Campaigns
Learn more about Campaigns, how they are configured, and the criteria to determine if you need more than one.

Course 5: Setting up Playlists

Understand the importance of Playlists, see how to configure them, and learn the process of assigning one or more to your Agents.

Course 6: All About Phone Numbers

See how to secure a DID (phone number) for calling your leads and understand ways to help maintain a good phone number reputation.

Course 7: Handling Incoming Calls

Learn how to manage incoming calls including assigning Users to an inbound queue and recording a voicemail message.

Course 8: Agent Settings and Options

Become familiar with what your Agents will need to get dialing. Get an overview of the most popular, customizable settings in Agent Options.

Course 9: Additional Resources

Get an overview of the Help Center, how billing works, and how to contact Readymode for support with technical issues.

Signing up for Readymode Academy

Follow the step-by-step guide below to select training, create an account and log in!

Note: Your Readymode Academy login is separate from your Readymode User Account login. If you're new to the Academy, simply create a new account by following the instructions below.

1. Select Training

In the Readymode Academy Store, locate the training you wish to take and click the Add button

A cart popup will appear. Click the Proceed to Cart button

2. Create an Academy Account

To access Academy training, you'll need to Create an Academy account. Keep in mind that your Academy account is separate from the one you use for logging in to Readymode.

Enter your Email Address (1) and a unique Password (2). Next, Confirm the Password (3) and click the Sign up button (4) to create your Academy account.

In a few moments, you'll receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Click on the link in the email to proceed.

3. Complete Checkout

If this is your first time logging in, you'll need to confirm your location. Select your Country (1) and State/Province (2) and click the Confirm button (3).

Click the Checkout button to complete your order.

Click on the Dashboard button to jump into the Academy.

4. Create Academy Profile

When you first log in to the Academy, you'll need to complete your Academy Profile.

Fill in your First Name (1) and Last Name (2), Readymode Gateway URL (3) (e.g. ""), and click the Save button (4) to proceed.

You'll now be taken to your Dashboard, where you can see your first Course.

Navigating Readymode Academy

When you first log into the Academy, you'll see your Dashboard. Using the Course navigation on the Dashboard, you can view your Enrolled Courses (1), Completed Courses (2) and Learning Paths (3).

Enrolled Courses

Enrolled Courses is where you'll see Courses that have been assigned, but not yet completed. 

Click the Start button to begin your first Course!

Completed Courses

Completed Courses is where you'll find Courses you've already finished. You can Relaunch each Course individually to review it as many times as you like.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths is where you can locate a full training series of courses (e.g. Agent Training). Once you complete a Learning Path, you can relaunch it to go through all of the Courses again.

Taking Training in Readymode Academy

Training in Readymode Academy is organized into Learning Paths. Each Learning Path contains multiple Courses on different topics. Each Course is made up of multiple Modules that explore these topics in detail.

When you start a new Learning Path, you'll automatically be assigned to the first Course. Review each Module (1) within the Course and click the Next Module button (2) to continue.

At the end of each Course, you'll complete a short Quiz. Choose the best Answer (1) for each Question, then click Next Question (2) to move forward.

Quick Tip: Feel free to click on the Modules to review them again before you fill out the Quiz!

Once you finish a Course, the next Course in the Learning Path will be assigned to you automatically. Click the Launch Your Course button to begin.

Once you've completed all of the Courses in a Learning Path, and you'll be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion

Click the Download button to save your Certificate to your computer.

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