About the Callback Manager App

Looking for an easy way to keep track of Callbacks for yourself or your Agents? Learn about the Callback Manager App!

About the Callback Manager App

The Callback Manager App enables you to view and manage a sortable, searchable list of Callbacks. If you have a large number of Callbacks, using the Callback Manager App will help keep you organized!

To start using the Callback Manager App, first install it via the App Garage, located in the Client Portal.

Navigate to the Callback Manager App

Once installed, Administrators will see Callbacks in the Manage section of the Dashboard.

Other Users will see My Callbacks in the My Account section of the Dashboard (requires Callback Manager App Permissions).

Callback Manager App Permissions

While Users with the Administrative Role will see the Callback Manager App automatically once installed, other Users will need the "Callback Management" Permission to see it appear on the Dashboard.

Users will only be able to see and interact with their own Callbacks in the App, unless additional Permissions are assigned for the applicable Users or Folders in Share Settings:

  • To enable Users to see Callbacks for other Users or Queues, assign "Take" Permissions in Share Settings.
  • To enable Users to transfer Callbacks to other Users or Queues, assign "Store" Permissions in Share Settings.

The Export feature will only appear for Users with the Administrative Role.

Using the Callback Manager App

Head over to this article to get an overview of how to use the Callback Manager App.

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