Configuring Templates

Interested in customizing your Templates? Find out how below.

Configuring Templates

Using the Configuration Options available, you can easily format your Email and SMS Templates.

To view Configuration Options, first navigate to Templates. Next, create or edit a Template to view the following:

Template Type

The Template Type toggle enables you to choose between an Email Template or SMS Template.

Template Name

The Template Name field is the internal name for your template. This will not be included in the message.

Email Subject

The Subject field is the subject of your email message, and will appear in the recipient's inbox.

Note: The Email Subject is not supported for SMS.


The Attachments drop-down menu (1) enables you to select an existing attachment to include with the message. Or, use the Add New Attachment button (2) to upload a new attachment.

Note: Many email providers do not accept large attachments. We recommend attaching files which are smaller than 10 MB to avoid potential delivery issues.

Note: Attachments are not supported for SMS.


Variables allow you to personalize your message with information about your Leads stored in your CRM Fields, such as their name. Learn more about working with Variables here.

Formatting Options

Using Formatting Options, you can change the appearance of the text in the Message Body and add formatting, links and images to style your message.

Note: Formatting Options are not supported for SMS. Compose SMS messages in plain text for best results.

Available options:

BoldApply bold to text.
ItalicApply italics to text.
UnderlineApply underline to text.
StrikethroughApply strikethrough to text.
Align LeftAlign text to left.
Align CenterAlign text to center.
Align RightAlign text to right.
JustifyJustify text.
Decrease IndentDecrease the indent of text.
Increase IndentIncrease the indent of text.
SubscriptUse subscript text style.
SuperscriptUse superscript text style.
UndoUndo the last change.
RedoRedo the last undo.
Numbered ListInsert a numbered list.
Bulleted ListInsert a bulleted list.
Horizontal LineInsert a horizontal line.
TableInsert a table.
StylesUse pre-formatted inline and block text styles.
FormatUse text formats such as headers.
FontSelect from a variety of fonts.
SizeSelect a text size.
Text ColorSelect a text color.
Background ColorSelect a background color.
Remove FormattingRemove formatting from selected text.
ImageInsert an image.
Asset Manager ImagesUpload images in bulk to create an image gallery to choose from later.
Add LinkAdd a HTML link.
Remove LinkRemove a HTML link.
Edit Source CodeEdit the HTML Source Code.
Maximize WindowEnlarge the Message Body to fill the entire screen.

Message Body

The Message Body is where you compose your message.

Note: The character limit for SMS is 160 characters (including spaces). Messages longer than 160 characters will be split and sent as multiple messages.

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