Configuring Outbound Email

Interested in setting up Outbound Email? Learn about the options in the article below.

Configuring Outbound Email

Using the Configuration Options, you can configure a Default Outbound Email record to be used for sending Email Templates. Once this is complete, you also have the option of creating unique Campaign Outbound Email records for each of your Campaigns

  • Campaign drop-down menu (1) - Configure the Default Outbound Email, or a Campaign Outbound Email.
  • Email Provider drop-down menu (2) - Select the Email Provider (Gmail or a Custom Provider).
  • Configuration fields (3) - Enter details from your Email Provider.

Note: Changes to existing Outbound Email records should be made with care, as any modifications to records already in use will immediately impact your outbound email delivery service. Please contact Technical Support for assistance if you're not sure about making changes.

Default Outbound Email

To configure your Default Outbound Email, select Default Email from the Campaign drop-down menu (1).

Next, use the Email Provider drop-down menu (2) to select a Provider, and proceed to the applicable section:

Configuring a Gmail Account for Default Outbound Email

To use Gmail as your Outbound Email provider, your Gmail account must be authenticated from with the ReadyMode platform. To do this, first make sure that the Email Provider drop-down menu has been set to Gmail, then click the sign on google button. 


You will then be prompted to choose a Gmail account to sign in with. Select your Gmail account.

A warning will then appear saying that Google hasn't verified this app. Do not worry about this, as ReadyMode is currently in Google's app verification queue. This warning will not display in the coming weeks. Simply click Advanced to continue. 

In the Advanced options, click on Go to yourreadymode.url (unsafe).

You will then be taken to a permission confirmation screen. Make sure all boxes are checked (otherwise emails will not send out from ReadyMode), then click Continue. 

The permission window will then be closed, and you will return to the Configure: Default Group Email screen in your ReadyMode CRM. Upon refreshing the browser tab, or navigating back to the Configure Group Email section, you will now see that you have signed into your Gmail account. 

Configuring a Custom Provider for Default Outbound Email

If you've selected a Custom Email Provider, complete your configuration by filling in the fields provided with the following information. If you don't have this information, please contact your System Administrator or Email Provider for assistance.

  • Email Account (1) - The email address you would like to send email from.
  • User Name (2) - The user name for the Email Provider account (this may be the same as the email address).
  • Password (3) - The password for the Email Provider account.
  • SMTP (4) - The SMTP server address (this is usually something like "").
  • Port (5) - The SMTP port number (this is usually something like "25", "465", "587" or "2525").

Once you're ready, click the Update Email button (6) to save changes.

Campaign Outbound Email

To configure a Campaign Outbound Email, select the Campaign from the Campaign drop-down menu (1).

Next, use the Email Provider drop-down menu (2) to select a Provider; the same process for setting a Default Outbound Email using Gmail or a Custom Provider can be followed when setting a Campaign Outbound Email. 

Once set, that email address will be used when sending emails to leads in that specific Campaign. 

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