Managing Automated Tasks

Interested in making a new Automated Task? Learn how below.

Managing Automated Tasks

To manage your Automated Tasks, first navigate to Automated Tasks and choose a Task from the Automated Tasks list to open it.

You can now modify the following Configuration Options:

  • Task name (1) - The name of the Task.
  • Email results (2) - The email addresses that will be notified when the automation occurs.
  • Task Schedule (3) - The schedule for the automation. 
  • Restrictions (4) - Restrictions for the automation.

Once you're done making changes to your Task, click the Update button (5) to save it.

Or, if you wish to remove a Task, click the Delete this task button (6).

Task Schedule

To make changes to the automation schedule for a Task, click on an existing Schedule item (1) to make changes, or click Add Schedule (2) to add a new item.

Select the desired schedule using the Scheduling drop-down menus (1) and click the Update Schedule button (2) when done.

Or, if you wish to remove an existing Schedule item, click the Delete Schedule button (3).


If you only want the automation to occur based on specific text appearing (for example, a name appearing in a Report), you can restrict it using the Restrict drop-down menu (1).

Available options:

  • Always email the results
  • Only email if the result contains
  • Don't email if the result contains

 If you modify restrictions, be sure to click the Update button (2) to save them.

When your Task has been updated, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the Task.

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