Creating Automated Tasks

Interested in making a new Automated Task? Learn how below.

Creating Automated Tasks

To create a new Automated Task, first navigate to Automated Tasks and choose a Task from the Recent Tasks list. Next, follow the 3 step process outlined below to set up an automation for it.

Step 1: Basic Information

Enter a name for the Automated Task in the Task name field (1). If you want someone to receive an email when the automation occurs, enter one or more email addresses in the Email results field (2). Click the Create button (3) to save and proceed to the next step.

Quick Tip: If you are automating a Report, be sure to enter an email address to receive a CSV copy of the Report by email.

Step 2: Schedule

When the Schedule step appears, click the Add schedule link to open scheduling options.

Select the desired schedule using the Scheduling drop-down menus (1) and click the Update Schedule button (2) when done.

Step 3: Restrict

If you only want the automation to occur based on a specific text appearing in the content (for example, a person's name in a Report), you can restrict it using the Restrict drop-down menu.

Available options:

  • Always email the results
  • Only email if the result contains
  • Don't email if the result contains

Quick Tip: You can have ReadyMode check and restrict your automation for multiple words by separating them with commas. ReadyMode will apply the restrictions if any of the words are found.

If you add restrictions, be sure to click the Update button to save them.

You'll now see your new Automated Task in the Automated Tasks list:

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