About the Merchant Processing App

Looking for a convenient way to process credit card and ACH transactions in ReadyMode? Learn about the Merchant Processing App!

About the Merchant Processing App

The Merchant Processing App enables you to integrate your ReadyMode account with payment gateways in order to process transactions directly in ReadyMode. The App also includes a Manual mode to enable you to mark a transaction as authorized, captured or refunded without connecting to a payment gateway.

Transaction data processed by integrated gateways or using Manual mode can be viewed using Reports.

To start using the Merchant Processing App, install it via the App Garage, located in the Client Portal.

Supported Gateways

The following gateways are supported. If your gateway is not listed, please contact Technical Support.

Credit Card Gateways

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Processing Gateways

Navigate to Billing Configuration

Once the Merchant Processing App is installed, you'll need to connect and configure your payment processor gateway(s) in Billing Configuration. To view and manage Billing Configuration, first navigate to Settings on the Dashboard.

Note: You'll need "Application Manager" Permissions to view Settings.

Under Settings, select Billing.

You'll now be able to view Billing Configuration.

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