Using Cadences

The predictive dialer has the ability, upon detecting a voicemail machine, to automatically drop a pre-recorded message as a voicemail. In order to do so, we must first define a cadence of pre-recorded messages, and then assign this cadence to a campaign. A cadence outlines a sequence of unique pre-recorded messages, and how many days after the previous drop the dialer must wait before it drops another one.

Note: Cadences are part of the Prerecorded Messages and Voice Mail Drop features.  Due to FTC regulations surrounding the use of prerecorded voice, the Prerecorded Messages and Cadence features are not installed onto any CRM by default. Please contact your CSM or email [email protected] to inquire about having the features added.

From the Dashboard, select Settings.

Under Settings, select Prerecorded Messages

You will now see any existing pre-recorded messages and cadences, and how many there are total. Only the pre-recorded messages that were recorded by the user or marked as “shared” will be accessible. All cadences are accessible by anyone who can access the panel.

Creating a Cadence

To create a new Cadence, start by clicking on Create a new cadence 

A name for the cadence is required, and a default name is provided, using the word cadence, followed by a randomly generated number (1).  You can choose to add one, or as many rows as necessary to define the cadence.  This can be done by pressing the + symbol (2).  If you just want to create the cadence, and not add any rows, you can just click on the Create Cadence (3) button, to save the cadence to modify later.

Modifying or Updating a Cadence

To modify or update a Cadence, start by clicking on a cadence from the list of available cadences.

The first row always has a minimum delay of 0, meaning the first voicemail is immediately dropped the very first time a dialed phone number results in a voicemail machine. All subsequent rows must have a minimum delay of at least 1 day.

The + and - buttons can be used to add or remove rows anywhere in the cadence. Any invalid or empty fields are immediately highlighted, and must be fixed before the cadence can be saved. For example, in the second screenshot below, the errors are

  • The name is missing
  • A row is missing a pre-recorded message
  • A subsequent row has a minimum delay less than 1
  • Any rows have non-unique pre-recorded messages

A cadence can no longer be deleted if it has been assigned to a cadence, or has already been used to drop a voicemail to a dialed number. If either of those conditions are true, then the Delete Message button is not shown.

Assign a Cadence to a Campaign

The user can now assign a cadence to a campaign. Only then will automatic voicemails be dropped when leads are dialed as part of that campaign. If no cadence is chosen, then no voicemails will drop.

To assign a cadence to a campaign, you must first click on Leads (1).  Once the Lead Management section appears, click on the Campaigns Tab (2).  Select the Campaign you would like to assign the cadence to, from the list below the Campaigns tab (3).

The Viewing Campaign…. Screen now appears as the main focus area on the screen.  From here, you can use the drop down selector for Voicemail Responder Cadence (4), to choose which cadence to assign to the specific campaign.


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