Using the App Garage

Looking to install an App or Integration on your account? Learn about the App Garage.

Using the App Garage

ReadyMode offers many convenient Apps and Integrations to enable you to increase the functionality available for your team. Some of them may already be installed on your account! The App Garage enables you to review and configure existing Apps and Integrations, and add new ones.

To access the App Garage, navigate to the Client Portal and click on App Garage.

Navigating the App Garage

At the top of the App Garage, you'll see a selection of Category checkboxes (1) and a Search feature (2) to enable you to quickly find a specific App or Integration.

To see all available Apps and Integrations, simply scroll down the list. Those which are already installed on your account will display the Uninstall and View/Config App buttons. Any which are not yet installed with display an Install button.

Managing your Apps and Integrations

From within the App Garage, you can install and uninstall Apps and Integrations on your account. Note that most Integrations will require you to also work with the third-party system that is integrating with Readymode in order to configure the Integration appropriately. Third-party systems may require a subscription, and may charge additionally for enabling an Integration, so be sure to confirm the details with them before you proceed.

Note: Making changes to an App or Integration can have significant, immediate impacts on the functionality of your Readymode system. Please contact the Technical Support team for assistance if you have any questions about what will be affected before making changes.

Installing Apps and Integrations

To install an App or Integration, review the Description (1) to confirm that the functionality meets your needs and that any requirements (such as a subscription to a third-party system) have been met. When you're ready, click the Install button (2) to proceed.

You'll receive message asking you to confirm the installation. Click the OK button to confirm.

The App or Integration will now be installed, and the App panel will appear. This panel may include a Details tab with information about the App or Integration, a Configuration tab with options for adjusting features such as Permissions, and a Help tab with additional information.

Your new App or Integration can now be viewed within your Readymode account!

Quick Tip: If you need to access the App panel again in the future, click the View / Config App button.

Uninstalling Apps and Integrations

To install an App or Integration, review the Description (1) to confirm that the functionality no longer meets your needs. When you're ready, click the Uninstall button (2) to proceed.

Note: If an App or Integration was installed on your account by your Readymode Onboarding Specialist, it may be a crucial component in meeting a specific operational or business requirement for your company. Be sure to discuss with your Customer Success Manager or the Technical Support team if you're not sure.

You'll receive message asking you to confirm that you wish to uninstall the App or Integration. Click the OK button to confirm.

You'll now see a message confirming the App or Integration has been uninstalled from your Readymode Account.

Quick Tip: If this is an Integration connected to a third-party system, be sure to inform them that the Integration will no longer be needed.

List of Apps and Integrations

Below is a list of the Apps and Integrations currently available. For additional details, see the Client Portal.

Adobe Sign/EchoSign Integration

Enables the Adobe Sign (formerly known as EchoSign) application for sending and receiving secure agreements.

Note: This application requires an API Key/Integration Key from Adobe Sign, which is only available with a subscription to that service.

Callback Manager

A sortable, searchable list of Callbacks, that allows the user to take bulk actions on the search results.

Channel Management

Inbound/outbound marketing channel management and reporting, including enhanced inbound/outbound live transfers. Integration

Automatically sync your Readymode call recordings to your company's account.

IVR Monitor

Review and intercept active calls within Queues or IVRs.

Presentation and Event Manager

Manage presentations, webinars and other events.


Enables @user mentions and searchable #tag support in Call Notes.

Merchant Processing

Process credit card and/or ACH transactions directly in Readymode, and add sales totals to your Reports.

Supported credit card processing gateways:

  • Moneris
  • Internet Secure
  • NMI
  • Durango
  • Stripe

Supported ACH processing gateways:

  • NMI
  • aCheck21

A "Manual" mode is available, that allows you to simply mark a transaction as authorized, captured or refunded, in order to utilize the sales report tools.  Items entered using the "Manual" mode are not sent to any processing gateway.

Note: Additional support will be required from your merchant processing company in order to receive the API credentials for the billing module configuration in your Readymode gateway.

Sage Vault

Enables generation of (Paya) Vault Tokens representing credit card information, which can be exchanged securely.

Third Party Verification Integration

The Third Party Verification (TPV) application enables you to create TPV hotkeys on your Agent's Dial Pad, which will merge in a Third Party Verification provider.

Third Party Integration (Web Leads)

This integration enables third parties to post external leads into Readymode.

Note: After installing, go to Settings / TPI Post for post instructions to send to the third party integrator.

Training Monitor

Enables Agents to monitor other Agents that have been selected by their Manager, for training purposes.

Zingtree Integration

Integration your company's Zingtree account and create Agent Scripts in Zingtree for use in ReadyMode.

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