Risk Management App

The Risk Management App is a paid add-on (refer any questions about pricing to account managers) that is used for scrubbing against the United States National Do Not Call List (NDNC), both at the time a lead file is uploaded and/or just before the predictive dialer calls it (just-in-time scrubbing). This app also allows for just-in-time scrubbing against a list of wireless phone numbers.

Litigation is the process of taking legal action. Therefore, a “professional litigator” is someone who specializes in taking legal action against people and organizations (a serial plaintiff). To understand what a professional litigator is in the context of telemarketing, please read this page.
The Sales department does its best to go over the legal threats that exist to our clients when they are brought on board (since this is related to the upselling of our Risk Management System), but the value of scrubbing against known TCPA litigators is often overlooked until after our clients are subject to litigation unfortunately.
Scrubbing at upload time:

With the Risk Management app installed, the lead upload confirmation dialogue will contain an additional checkbox for scrubbing out all phone numbers on the NDNC. This is done in addition to scrubbing against the internal DNC, and leads will still be scrubbed against the internal DNC even when this box is unchecked.
Just-in-time scrubbing:

Just-in-time scrubbing is configured by going to Dashboard > Settings > Risk Management. When enabled, three lists can be set to scrub against (1) the NDNC, (2) wireless numbers, and (3) the TCPA Litigator List. The system will check every number the dialer attempts to call, and they will be charged for every check (refer any questions about pricing to account managers), however once a phone number is found to be on a list (a negative response) it is remembered permanently. When a phone number is not found on a list, this is a positive response and will be remembered for 31 days by default, meaning there will be no scrub on subsequent calls to that number until the 31 days have passed. Other lengths of time for remembering positive responses can be chosen using the drop-down box.

RMS Log:

Risk Management adds the RMS Log under the Reports section. This will show you a cost breakdown, separated by date, of the numbers that were checked.
This report will only retain data for 2 months and does not have an export option
A list of what all the results mean can be found here: https://help.mypurecloud.com/articles/use-dnc-scrubbing-provided-contact-center-compliance-corporation/

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