License Management and Enforcement

License Management

Want to learn how to manage your licenses or add additional ones for your growing business? Learn more about license management below.

Rolling Licenses

All Readymode licenses are rolling licenses. This means that a single license is not permanently associated to a single user. Instead, upon logging in, your user is assigned a license from the pool of available licenses. 


Upon logging out, the user returns the license back into the pool. Hence, the number of licenses only restricts the number of concurrent active users, and not the total number of users in your gateway.


Note: A license is returned only when your user logs out of your gateway. A user is not automatically logged out if they just close the browser tab; the user is still logged in, and hence, the license is still being used. Therefore, if a user closes down their browser tab accidentally, then opens the gateway in another browser tab, they will not need to enter login credentials again because they are still logged in. See the section below titled Checking and Manipulating License Usage for how to monitor your active users.


It is also worth noting that if a user attempts to open the gateway on another internet browser, or closes the browser and tries logging in on a different computer without signing out first, they will get an error. This is explained more in the Multiple Login Error section under License Enforcement.

Types of Licenses

There are two types of licenses available for your gateway:

  • Standard (Agent) Licenses

  • Admin Licenses


Standard (Agent) Licenses are the ones purchased as a monthly subscription. This license is used when logging in normally into a gateway. The user can be an agent or a manager, and will have access to all the usual features provided to the specific type of user.


Admin Licenses cannot be purchased. They must be assigned by Readymode staff based on your agreement with us. This license is used when logging in using Admin Mode (more on this in the Admin Mode section below). The user must be a manager, and will have access to all the usual features provided to a manager, except for the following:

  • Web Phone

  • Office Map


Assigning and Purchasing Licenses

Standard (Agent) Licenses can be purchased from the Payment Portal


Note: Admin Licenses cannot be purchased from the Payment Portal. These must be adjusted by ReadyMode staff. 


If you require more Admin Licenses, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or if you don’t have a Customer Success Manager, email [email protected]


A breakdown of your monthly billing history, including your license costs, DID costs, and costs incurred from talk time can be viewed from the Payment Portal as well. 


Checking and Manipulating License Usage

You can view your team’s current license usage by navigating to License Usage in the Manage section in your gateway.


The interface first outlines the number of Standard (Agent) Licenses and Admin Licenses being allocated, as well as how many licenses are currently assigned, and thus, how many are still available.


Below that, it also lists all the users currently logged in and using up a license. It includes identifying information about the user, which license is being used, when they signed in, and when they were last active. 

Your user is active if they have a browser tab open accessing the gateway. If all browser tabs that had been accessing the gateway are closed, the user is still logged in, but no longer active. 


If a user keeps their browser window closed for more than 10 consecutive minutes, they will be deemed inactive and will be highlighted


All inactive users can be signed out simultaneously by clicking on the purple Sign Out Inactive Users button.


The interface can be used to force-log out a specific user, all inactive users, or just all of your users. This frees up the licenses so that they can be used by other users. 

License Enforcement

If you want to learn more about various types of license errors your users might encounter, and the differences between the license types, read on. 


Unavailable Licenses Error

When logging in, if the gateway is unable to assign a license to a user because the amount of purchased licenses are all in use, an error will be displayed.


Multiple Login Error

Your users are not allowed to log in from multiple locations. “Location” refers to another browser on the same computer, or another computer entirely. 

When attempting to log in from a second location, an error will be displayed. Your user can choose to log in and automatically log out all other sessions.



Note: Your user will not encounter a login error if they try to navigate to your gateway using another tab on the same internet browser that they are already logged in on. Browser tabs share the same session cookie, so they will be able to log in on multiple tabs without issue. 

Login Modes

You can log in using one of three different modes: Agent Mode, Admin Mode, and Limited Admin Mode.

Standard (Agent) Mode

A standard login uses a Standard (Agent) License. It can be an agent or a manager, and the user has access to all the usual features provided to that particular role.

Admin Mode

A manager can choose to log in to Admin Mode by clicking the checkbox beneath the “Sign in” button. This uses an Admin License.



Only managers can do so. Other types of users will receive an error.


In Admin Mode, you will not have access to the Web Phone or the Office Map.



Limited Admin Mode

This mode is automatically activated when you attempt to log in using Admin Mode, but there are no available Admin Licenses. You will only be shown the License Usage page. You can use the interface to log out inactive Admin users, freeing up licenses. You can then log out and log back in again to access the full feature set.



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