Managing DNC Rules

Need to set DNC limits based on regions, time zones, or date uploaded? You're in the right place!

Managing DNC Rules

ReadyMode's DNC Rules features enable you to control when your Agents can call Leads based on their region, or how long it has been since they were imported. To access these features, first navigate to your AI Dialer Lead Distribution Settings.

Quick Tip: Looking for your Do Not Call List? You can find it here.

State DNC Rules

Using the State DNC rules, you can temporarily add Leads to your DNC List on a daily basis to prevent your Agents from calling them outside of a time frame you specify. You can also add Leads to your DNC list permanently, based on their region.

To enable this feature, review the Region List (1) and adjust the options shown below for each region. When you're finished, click the Save Changes button (4).

Available options:

  • Enabled (2) - Set to "Yes" to call leads in this region within the time frame set in Start and End Time. Set to "No" if you want to prevent Agents from calling Leads in this region.
  • Start and End Time (3) - Set the available time frame for calling Leads in this region. You can either use the Queue Default Time Restrictions, or set a custom time for each region using the drop-down menu.

Upload Date DNC Rules

Using the Upload Date DNC Rules, you can permanently add Leads to your DNC list based on how many days it has been since they were imported.

To enable this feature, check the Do not call checkbox (1), then enter the number of days in the Days field (2) and click the Save button (3) when done.

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