Managing Call Results

Need to make changes to your Call Results? Find out how below.

Managing Call Results

The following options will help you to easily manage your Call Results. To access these options, first navigate to Call Results

Editing Call Results

Using the Configuration Options available, you can easily fine-tune the functionality of your Call Results to meet your business needs.

To make changes to an existing Call Result, click to open it.

Make changes to your Call Result using the available Configuration Options (1) and click Save Changes (2) when done.

Displaying Call Results

You can change how Call Results are displayed by utilizing the drag and drop function. 

Show or Hide Call Results

Call Results in the Active section (1) will be displayed, and ones in the Disabled/Hidden section (2) will not be displayed.

To show or hide a Call Result, drag and drop it into the appropriate section and click the Sorting: Save link when done. 

Quick Tip: You can also use the Hide Call Result checkbox in the Configuration Options to show or hide a Call Result.

Change the Order of Call Results

To change the order of your Active Call Results, drag and drop them into the desired order and click the Sorting: Save link when done. 

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